In a tough financial climate, funding for further studies are in short supply, consequently they are highly competitive to obtain. Therefore, it is vital that candidates make themselves aware of what funding is available and what requirements are there to obtaining them, so that preparations can start as early as possible. Ultimately, as Ahmadi Muslims we rely on nothing but prayers. For He alone is our Provider and Benefactor. That, however, also requires prudence, pro-activeness and planning.

The funding opportunities have been divided into the following:

  1. Research Internships
  2. Undergraduates
  3. Postgraduates

Once again if you require assistance or advice please Contact us at or

Research Internships A

The following is a list of possible internships for A-level students.


This is not research based as such but looks great for university applications, and gives you a taster of university life.

Nuffield Research Bursary

With a small stipend, you are able to do research with a research group in university.

SGUL Summer School

Two medical school tasters courses are available with St.Georges.

Target Medicine Summer School

Taste medicine with the prestigious medical school of UCL.


A world Astronomy camp held at a different venue each year! In 2012 it will be Germany! Apart from research there are tonnes of travelling and fun activities.

Research Internships B

The following is a list of possible internships for undergraduate students.


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme at one the worlds leading University, Imperial College London. Some projects are funded and some are self-funded. Ask before you turn them down!!

Nuffield Undergraduate Research Bursary

With a stipend of ~ £180 per week for 6-8 weeks, you research!

Summer Internship in Gravitational Waves

The Gravitational Group at Cardiff University provides reserach opportunity for undergraduates to research such exotic topics as black holes with a stipend of £1000/month for 6-8 weeks!


A world Astronomy camp held throughout the world, the venue changes every year! In 2012 it will be Germany!

Research Experience Placements with BBSRC

This is funding for bioscience projects and most probably you will have to apply through your Department. See website for more details.

Summer Internships in the US

The US has the most universities in the top 20 of the world university ranking for a reason! Funding! They have lots of funding and opportunities. Though most will be for US citizens some are open for international applicants. Check out the list! Might be equally useful for our international readers.

ESA Summer student

Summer Opportunity at the European Space Agency!

CERN Summer Student Programme

Research at the world-renowned Cern Labs!!! I wish I was an undergraduate again!

Fermilab (Chicago, USA) Internship

Research at the (second most) prestigious particle accelerator.

European heritage scheme

__Provides fully funded summer placements for archaeology students, both undergraduates and postgraduates, for a variety of different sites across Europe. Rizwan himself participated in the scheme last summer in Finland. It is very competitive but is an amazing opportunity as all your costs are covered for a period of between 4-8 weeks.

Halsbury’s Law Exchange

Is a competition for law students or those interested in the legal system, which upon winning would allow them to work with John Cooper QC.

Undergraduate Funding

Chevening Scholarship

The British Government’s British Chevening Scholarship is the most prestigious award available to international students for study in the United Kingdom. There are scholarships available for a variety of subjects in the arts, for a list of subjects and application details please see the website.

Graduate Funding

The following is a list of possible internships for graduate students. However, it is always worth emailing us on if you can’t find anything relating to your topic of interest.

Space Studies Program (summer)

Held at the International Space University… come on how cool is that!! I will say no more, check it out for yourselves.

ESA Graduate Program

The graduate program for the European Space Agency, they advertise opportunities in all different areas from humanities to science throughout the year.

Post-Graduate Funding

PhDs in Research relating to Bees

  1. Professor David Goulson of University of Stirling is accepting proposals with regards to research relating to the ecology, click here.
  2. Dozens of vacancies, relating to Bees on this page through Intenational Union of the Study of Social Insects, click here.
  3. PhD Projects available through the British BeeKeepers Association throughout the UK, Click here

PhD Studentship in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at King College London

MPhil/PhD Studentship – Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanostructured Carbon Materials

PhDs in Mechanical Engineering at UCL

PhD: Research Project in the Modern History of Christianity in Iraq

Heythrop College is pleased to announce the establishment of a fully-funded primary research project on the modern history of Christianity in Iraq, especially the contemporary situation of the Chaldean Catholic community since 2003. Learn More

PhD/Doctoral studentships

Developing Low Emission Engines through Renewable Fuels and Advanced Engine Combustion Technology

An opportunity has arisen to carry out research experimentally using renewable fuels to develop low carbon emission engines. The students working on these projects will be registered for a degree of PhD at the School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University. Research on internal combustion engines and their fuels at Brunel University is internationally leading and amongst the most active in Europe. The group’s expertise covers both experimental and theoretical studies, and is aimed at minimizing pollutant emissions and improving fuel efficiency of gasoline and diesel engines.

3 or 4-year MRC-funded PhD Studentships at Imperial College

MRC Research Studentships enable graduates with excellent honours degrees to undertake a three to four year training programme, that includes a research project plus training in research methods and transferable key skills, leading to the submission of a doctoral thesis and the award of a PhD.

UCL Studentships

Below are a selection of studentships at UCL. Not all studentships are listed here and prospective research students should also contact academic departments and research groups to enquire about further funded opportunities.

Health Schools Studentships 2012 at King’s College London

King’s College London Health Schools are seeking candidates of academic excellence to undertake 16 PhD studentships in Health Sciences and [applications][13] are invited for the projects listed below. Candidates are invited to submit up to two project preferences. Please see [how to apply][13] for further details.

Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Interdisciplinary Programme in Structural, Computational and Chemical Biology at UCL | Birkbeck | NIMR

This unique programme offers opportunities to study at UCL, Birkbeck College and MRC-NIMR. Students are exposed to a wide range of training in protein structure, chemical biology and the computational tools necessary to address important problems in biomedicine. Learn More

University of Manchester President’s Doctoral Scholar Award

The President’s Doctoral Scholar Awards will be available across the University in a wide range of disciplines. This flagship funding scheme will offer over 100 elite studentships each year and be underpinned by a core investment of £2.5m over four years. The President’s Doctoral Scholar Awards are open to all nationalities and research areas, and will be of interest to students of the highest calibre who have the commitment and desire to work on challenging research projects in world leading research environments. Applications are being accepted for our 2012 PDS Awards. These funded studentships are available in a range of academic disciplines, commencing in September 2012.


University College London (UCL) today launched a new five-year A$2 million BHP Billiton Scholarship Program to attract the best post-graduate students to study at its mining and energy campus in Adelaide, Australia. The scheme will include up to 30 new scholarships and cover tuition for UCL’s Energy and Resources MSc and PhD programs. Read More

UCL’s Australian Development Scholarships (ADS)

The Commonwealth Government of Australia provides funding for a number of scholarships aimed to strengthen human resource capacity in Australia’s partner countries to promote growth and stability. Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) are a highly valued form of development cooperation that aims to contribute to the long-term development needs of Australia’s partner countries to promote growth and stability. They provide opportunities for people from developing countries to undertake full time undergraduate or postgraduate study in Australia. Up to 1000 ADS are awarded each year across 31 countries with scholarships awarded equally between men and women. Learn More

Australian Leadership Award Scholarships

The ALA scholarships aim to develop leadership, build partnerships and links, and address priority issues in the Asia-Pacific region. The ALA programme has been specifically set up to attract current and future leaders from the region. Learn More

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards

The Endeavour Awards is the Australian Government’s internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program providing opportunities for citizens of the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. Awards are also available for Australians to undertake study, research and professional development abroad. Learn More

Full Bright Scholarships

Postgraduate Study in the USA for UK citizens

Interested in US study?

You’re in good company. Last year, more than 2,500 UK students chose the US for postgraduate study. Some may have been looking for the opportunity to choose from the many universities on offer or experience an American campus. Others may have been attracted to the flexibility or the chance to internationalise their CVs. No matter the reason, our advising team is here to help as you follow in their footsteps and apply to study in the US! Learn More

Postgraduate Study in the UK for USA citizens

Each year up to 9 awards are offered to US citizens for the first year of Master’s or PhD study in any discipline at any accredited UK university… Read More


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