Salam – The forgotten genius

by  from Dawn.com 

On a hot summer afternoon in 1940, a boy of 14 was rushing on his bicycle to his hometown near Jhang, part of present day Pakistan. He covered his head under a heavy turban because the barber had accidentally shaved off his hair.

When he reached the town, he saw people lined up on either side of the road, greeting him with loud cheers. The boy had earned a distinction in his matriculation examinations; the young genius had broken all previous records within the province, he was Abdus Salam. (more…)


World Leading Muslims – the life of Avicenna

By Zubair Ahmed – from Tahir Magazine UK Autumn Edition 2011

“Father of modern medicine” – when one reads the term, without a name being mentioned, one would naturally link the term to someone who lived very recently either in Europe or America. But the title belongs to a man who lived more than 1000 years ago from today. (more…)