Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Associations or AMSAs, are student societies established in British universities with the following aims:

  1. To hold events that allow students who are not Ahmadi Muslims to understand Islam as understood by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – as a peaceful spiritual path that allows a human being to ascend towards internal and external peacefulness and a real relationship with God

  2. To encourage and partake in inter-faith dialogue.

  3. To cater for Ahmadi Muslims in the university.

Currently there are fifteen British universities where AMSAs have been established. For more details please see AMSA Website.

Syed Muhammad Tahir Nasser is the current President for AMSA UK |


  1. I’m student of Mathematics department of Jahangirnagar University of Bangladesh. There is no AMSA in our university now it’s a bit difficult for me to establish such organization. Would you please tell me how I can be a member of other AMSA (is it possible or not?)

    1. Salaam,

      The individual AMSA’s belong to individual universities, so it will not be possible to join them from an external university such as yours. Having said that more and more of the UK AMSA activities are being recorded and put on the web, so insha’Allah you can view and be part of their efforts that way.

      Generally however, we would encourage students to set up AMSAs in their own universities if at all possible. You can follow other amsa activites on their facebook pages though:



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