This is the ‘Unofficial’ Website of the Department of Student Affairs, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) UK.


Tauseef Ahmad Khan

Serving as Director, Department of Student Affairs, AMYA UK
Contact: amooretuluba@khuddam.org.uk

Naveed Malik PhD

Chairman Ahmadiyya Muslim Research Association (AMRA) and Naib Mohtamim. Click here for AMRA website.
Contact: research@khuddam.org.uk

Tahir Nasser

President Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA) and Naib Mohtamim. Click here for AMSA website.
Contact: amsapresident@khuddam.org.uk

Muddassar Rashid

President MKA Astronomy Club.
Contact: astronomy@khuddam.org.uk

Khalid Shah

Student Database Manager

Shahzaib Ahmad

General Secretary

Saeed Nazir

Northern Regions Coordinator

The Rest

  • Foaad Tahir – Careers
  • Anas Rana – Khuddam Website
  • Arslan Rana – Careers
  • Noman Loun – Publicity
  • Mudassar Ahmed – Publicity
  • Azhaar Ashraf – Science Officer
  • Arslan Bhatti – Assistant
  • Zainul Abidin Daniyal – Assistant
  • Abdul Ghalib Khan – AMSA Committee – Vice-President AMSA
  • Attaul Ali – AMSA Committee – Web and Advertising
  • Babr Naeem – AMSA Committee – Posters
  • Shahrukh Umar – AMSA Committee – Posters
  • Rumman Fatih – AMSA Committee – Video
  • Umar Nasser – AMSA President Imperial
  • Talha Bashir – AMSA President UCL
  • Syed Saud Ahmad – AMSA President Queen Mary
  • Labeed Ahmad – AMSA President Kingston
  • Mahid Ahmad – AMSA President Brighton
  • Shahid Mahmood – AMSA President Sussex
  • Reswan Ahmad – AMSA President Westminster
  • Abrar Ahmad Baig – AMSA President London Met
  • Afaq Baiq – AMSA President Northampton
  • Jamal Arif – AMSA President Manchester
  • Adnan Muzaffar – AMSA President Kings College


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