Smart Materials: Self-healing concrete

Researchers at the Delfth Technical University, Netherlands, have created an experimental concrete that contain harmless bacteria that upon the presence of rainwater activate to repair the concrete slab. Next step, talking concrete? To read more, click here.



  1. What an excellent idea! Using limestone producing bacteria to heal the cracks in the concrete. My question is where do these bacteria come from? Are they found as they are in nature or are they genetically engineered? We need more ideas like this in the world to improve our living conditions… especially in the developing world.

    1. The genus being used is ” Bacillus” and the harmless ones are found in soil and they are using the spores of Bacillus as spores keep them alive in tough conditions and when water trickles into the spaces of concrete the spores germinate in the presence of already added food and limestone is produced to close the cracked concrete. This when patented and available in market can do wonders. These are the “JINS” which cannot be seen by naked eye BUT can work out miracles.


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