Tentacles of The Supreme

I happened to be cc'ed in an interesting email exchange on a discussion on a passage written by Hadrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (May peace of God be upon him). He writes in Elucidation of Objectives (page 61):

The fact of the matter is that the relationship between God on the one hand and His creation and the myriads of worlds on the other, is like the relationship between body and soul. Just as all parts of the body are subservient to the behests of the soul and incline in the direction in which the soul tends to incline, the same relationship exists between God and His creatures…

The All-Wise God has disclosed this closely guarded secret to me that this universe and its complements are like His organs and are meant to carry out the imperatives and intentions of God Almighty, the Cause of all causes. The universe and its constituent parts are not self-existent; they derive strength and substance from the Supreme Soul—God, quite like all the bodily functions which exist because of life. To the Supreme Existent or Spirit, this universe is constituted, figuratively speaking, of so many surrogate limbs or organs. Some of these existents are in a manner of speaking the light of Divine countenance. Internally or externally, consistent with the Divine Will, they serve as the beacon. Some objects are like His hands, as it were, some are like His feet and some others like His breath. In short, this cosmic plurality in relation to God is, again in a manner of speaking, a kind of bodily expression whose life and splendour emanate from the Supreme Spirit—God, the Sustainer. Whenever God, the Sustainer, wills a volitional movement it is followed by a corresponding movement as desired by Him in all or some of the constituent parts of the physical universe.

In order to pictorially visualize the implications of the foregoing statement, let us imagine that the Supreme Sustainer of the universe is indeed the Supreme Being who has an infinite number of hands and feet; their number is uncountable, and their breadth and width limitless. Like an ‘octopus’, as it were, the Supreme Being has tentacles reaching out to all corners of the universe and functioning as its gravitational pull. Indeed, these are the self same organs also known as the universe.

In this passage is an answer to a great philosophical dilemma for us humans. How does The Personal God of Islam interact with His creation? Where is that boundary between His Holy Being and man? In the case of the later, the question itself is probably incorrect…





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  1. I remember reading this book and being utterly amazed at the lucidity and wisdom of the Promised Messiah (as).

    Particularly interesting also is how he describes angels as “celestial spirits” of stars and planets that result in the planet to orbit around a star and spin on its axis, cause the weather system/climate in the planet to fluctuate as per God’s will, and cause the natural phenomenon of death amongst living organisms.


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