Making shapes


A friend sent the above video with the following comment, I thought I share it with all.

“I have been thinking… after watching this TED talk [see above].

It explains how very complex and beautiful forms can be made by a series of very simple rules (in the case of this talk its folding ratios) repeating many times (like fractals). There is the obvious comparison to nature here, where the simple rule can be cell division for example and the beautiful complex form could be a living organism.

However, if you watch the video (from 3.40 to 3.55) he explains, how over 99.9% of the folding ratios actually lead to 'the geometric equivalent of noise'. The 'designer' had to choose a very specific set of rules (in this case by trial and error) to produce the beautiful, ordered forms.

You can probably see where I am going with this.

Atheists claim there is no need for a creator as, although the world looks very complex and beautiful, it has just come about by the repetition of very simple rules over a very long period of time. This argument does not only apply for cell division but it is inherent in everything in nature e.g. crystal structures, geological formations etc… in all these cases we see beautiful, complex forms produced from the results of simple rules repeating over a long period of time.

However, it would be interesting to see if we changed the 'rules' a bit, what the outcome would be. Would it always results in beautiful forms or would , as shown in this TED talk, most of the time result in noise/disorder. If so, it would follow there is a need for a creator to set the right 'rules' to results in the beauty and order we see in the world or the probability of selecting the right rules randomly would be very low.”



One comment

  1. A very insightful point. It reminded me of this excerpt from ‘Our God’ by Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (ra), pgs 70- 71:

    “This objection raised by Western scholars against
    the existence of God does not stand to reason if
    carefully analysed. We need not go into the details
    of evolution, for it throws no light on the origin of
    the universe and does not, therefore, possess any
    argument against the existence of God. It only
    states that the world has not always existed in its
    present form, rather it has progressed from a
    simpler state to a more complex one. The question
    is, where did the initial simple world come from?
    The supporters of the theory of evolution do not
    throw any light on this question. Evolution cannot
    be accepted as a proof of the absence of God.
    Unless the dilemma of the creation of the universe
    is first solved, this argument offers no proof
    whatsoever against the existence of the Creator of
    the universe.

    Secondly, the claim that this world was very simple
    in its initial state and then, due to the inherent
    properties of matter it acquired gradually, became
    more complex, contradicts the above reasoning of
    modern scholars. This is because the world in its
    present form, consisting of so many different things
    working under a very delicate and intelligent
    system, tells us that it is functioning under the
    absolute command of a Transcendent Being, Who
    is All-Knowing and controls everything. The truth
    is that the very existence of such properties of
    matter, their progression from an inferior state to a
    superior and intricate one, and the presence of a
    highly intelligent system which governs these
    objects, is itself a wonder of the wonders. The
    above-mentioned initial state of the universe when
    carefully analysed (regardless of its truth or
    falsehood) appears to be more amazing and mindboggling
    than the present state of the universe. The
    initial state was obviously like a sapling for the
    universe to come. Any sensible person would know
    that a sapling is more complex than a tree, for it
    contains all the properties which afterwards take
    the form of a tree. Hence the fact that this world in
    its initial stage was very simple makes it even more
    strange and wonderful. This further strengthens the
    argument in favour of a Creator. One is amazed at
    how He invested matter with hidden powers that
    would not only gradually transform it into a
    magnificent universe, but a comprehensive and
    wise law would also be born out of it under which
    all the different and mysterious objects of this
    world were to operate. It is, therefore, pointless to
    offer ‘evolution’ as a proof against the existence of
    God. On the contrary, evolution further confirms
    the wise plan and unique creativity of God.”


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