MKA RA Annual Conference 2012

“The Pleasure of Findings Out”

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It has been decided! It has started! The countdown to the event of the year! Where scholars will unite! Where innovation resides! Where creativity will conquer all hurdles! A city surrounded by the hills of peak district on one side and the mountains of Lake District on the other! There is a buzz in the air, like the sound of a fast approaching train, in anticipation we wait for August 24th 2012, when the City of Manchester will play host for that great event! Have you guessed it?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the eagerly awaited MKA Research Associations Annual Conference 2012 is here!

Famously known for Manchester United Football Club. Manchester is the home of innovation and research for the North. It’s shield carries the pictures of busy Bees, its motto

“Concilio Et Labore”

meaning “By wisdom and effort”. Manchester is a city that thrives on the interplay of research and industry. With two current Nobel Prize winners residing in the city, not withstanding the two biggest universities in the country (after Open University) and the second largest mosque owned by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK, it is by far one of the best places to hold the MKA RA’s Annual Conference 2012.

The Conference 2012, building on last years success, has expanded over to a three day conference. With explosively creative and innovative group projects and distinguished speakers, not to mention the whole new discussion forums, skills workshops and night activities, if you ever wondered what research is all about, Register Now! The conference will also host a special programme for Ahmadi researchers, with the aim of addressing key and fundamental issues varying from Religion and Science to their respective fields, providing a medium for further networking and collaborations. Having “worked-hard”, the delegates will also be treated to a final day of “play-hard” philosophy with exciting outdoor activities.

All Khuddam are welcome and encourage to register. Book your holidays, leave your jobs if you must, cancel all your plans, but do not miss this event!

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MKA RA Annual Conference 2012
Location: Manchester, UK
Date: 24th, 25th and 26th August 2012

Conference 2012 Trailer 1 

Conference 2012 Trailer 2


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