The Messenger

Oh seeker of knowledge
Do you Seek the thread of reality?
What tool will you use?
How will you investigate its non-triviality?

Do you know who I am?
I am that aid you have sought
Illuminating your world is my purpose
Though, ever free I be from your comprehension

I am intangible, i am unimaginable
I be a metaphor for some, and a serene reality for all
My true nature you knoweth not
My true beauty still alludes your thought

I am that rays that can penetrate all worlds
However fine or grand, they are all same to me.
I might change my behaviour at plancks length
But you’ll have to create a pico-yocto second laser, to know where things end.

I am within you and around you.
I can be born in the hearts of pulsating stars.
Diffusing my way to the surface at last.
My start and my emergence some million years apart.

I am the currency through which you may conserve energy
With the excited electron, hopping to the valence band.
I can represent a stars symphonic order, or the illuminating architecture
Even audio ballarinas may find an artistic illustration.

I can take many forms, in varying colors and speeds,
From a guassian profile, to the novel Bessel beams
I can control the invading virus, or illuminate a trapped nano-fibre,
With the right polarization i can even shade your vision from harm.

In blue i be cool, unabsorbed by the oceans lure
As red I bring news of departing friends you never knew.
Infra-red is a peculiar existence, you’ll surely find me brightly warm
I prefer to be gamma-ray bursts, proof of hypernova’s occurrence

Every iota of my being, carries some message from entities i meet
From simple Faraday rotations to the quantum de-coherence states
In every formation, in every alteration,
Even in my polarization, i be full of information.

My curved trajectory was proof of Einstein’s theory
That even I could not escape gravity’s charm
Hawking thought me black holes evaporations,
But i may turn out to be the same old radiation.

So like the romantics of the past
With eloquent metaphors and my personification
On me, You may write a poem from your heart
For i am light, the messenger of our physical realization.



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