The Weekly Dose

After thinking about it, who has time nowadays to read 1000 word essays… having said that who has time to right 1000 word essays! So here is a new feature, which we will, Insha’Allah try to keep up… your very own Bytesized Knowledge… some may call it the ensemble of quanta of article (EQA). :)

Chronozoomproject. The Cosmological Scale. An interesting website that allows you to really grasp the immensity of space and our relatively infinitesimal existence! (chronozoomproject)

Probing plank-scale with quantum optics. There are many candidates for combining the infamous General Relativity and Quantum mechanics. Each theory have their myriad of differences however most seem to set a fundamental limit at which the realm of quantum mechanics and gravity merge together, known as the planks length. It is proposed here that there may be a way to test for the related plank’s mass in the lab! (Nature, Arstechnica)

Detection of Siesmic consequences of the interaction of a primordial black hole with Earth. Reported in the Journal of Astrophysics, authors argue that if Earth was to be hit by a puny black hole, like of which found just after the big bang, Earth would not be destroyed. Well thank God for that! (Arxiv, ScienceShot)

Sequencing DNA with a USB thumb drive. An oxford based company they have invented a drive that can sequence DNA of living things by simply inserting a sample into its new small device, which directly connects into a computers USB port and depending on the strand of the DNA, you know sequence of the sample (such as a beetle) within minutes to up to a couple of hours. (NanoPoreTechWired, Bio-IT)

Dynamic Effect inter-connectivity of inter-areal brain circuits. Authors present theoretical studies in the neural pathways of information processing by the brain. In brief, the investigation shows that the quick change in perception of say an optical illusion relies on slight stimulus such as smell, or noise, that changes the flow of information within the brain, thus also changing communication of different parts of the brain. (MedicalXpress, Plos Computational Biology)

Evidence for flowing water on Mars grows stronger. After intense discussion at a recent Lunar and Plantery conference, scientists still believe that the best theory to explain the mysterious features found on Mars, known as recurring slope linae, is that fluid is flowing through the soil of mars! (ScientificAmerica)

Nanoantennas to image biomolecules. In its simplest idea, scientists have used nanoentennas to listen into the communications biomolecules. Communications is vital for say the immune system of our body. Communicating of the spatial and temporal information of invading forces in the body is pivotal the bodies immune system. Knowing how this is done can now be achieved with these Nanoantennas. (PhysOrg)

A bit of Reality. Fascinating read on merger of Quantum mechanics and Information theory and the resultant Quantum Information and Computation. Author presents a concise (readable in 10 minutes) description of frontier conundrum relating to solving quantum problems and building of a Quantum Computer. (ScienceNew)

Fusion with a pulse of Light. Later this year the National Ignition Facility will endeavour to focus 2 million joules of UV energy at a small target to kick start fusion reaction! On 15th March the facility managed to generate 1.875 million joules of energy exceeding its design limit 1.8 million joules! (New Scientist, more NIF)

Surprising discovery of a rare “emerald-cut” galaxy. The title of this says it all. But to clarify most galaxies we find can be characterised into three. This particular galaxy in the irregualr category is believed to be dwarf-like and may have formed through the collision of two galaxies. (Astronomy)

Hindu Pilgrims Leave Mark on Mountain. 
A special report by the National Geographic on the literal mess and environmental problems left behind by the pilgrims to the mountain in Kashimir. The images are worrying! (Nat Geo)

Graphene and DNA. By the use of nanopores created in graphene, it is proposed by researchers that DNA can be sequenced at a far greater rate than ever before. (PhysOrg)

Experimental Realisation of a Magnetic Cloak. Using specially designed cylindrical semiconductors researchers demonstrate the theoretical and then the experimental realisation of cloaking uniformly distributed magnetic fields for the first time! (Science)

Isaac Newton and the era of Science and Faith Undivided theGuardian

Biodiversity, and Green Slugs, in Action  NYT: Scientist at Work



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