MKA RA Midlands Symposium

Does Islam contradict science? Can man’s relationship with God be understood scientifically? Who were the key Muslim scientists and how did they contribute to modern day science?

The Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Research Association cordially invites you to participate in a unique event where these questions and more aim to be answered. The western world has undoubtedly contributed significantly to the advancement of scientific knowledge and its application, however the contribution of the Quran and the so called ‘golden age’ of Islam and science is often not commonly known or even acknowledged. This invitation is therefore open to those who wish to broaden their knowledge on such pertinent issues and those who wish to engage in discussions relating to Islam and science.

Please find attached a full programme outlining the speakers and topics to be presented in this stimulating symposium.
Date: Sunday 26th February
Venue: Darul Barakat, Birmingham Mosque
Speakers: Naveed Malik, Dr. Adeel Bajwa, Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, Dr. Furqan Yusaf
Start Time: 10.30am
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Those wishing to attend should email to confirm their place for this event. We will be contacting confirmed attendees closer to the event with further details. Alternatively, fill in the following form.



Those attending the event residing outside of Birmingham are requested to email if they require transport. Please note that we shall make every attempt to provide transport but this is dependant on the number of cars available. Therefore, those with cars are kindly requested to email us so that we can provide transport for as many as possible.

More Information

Contact the MKA-RA symposia team by emailing for any queries.




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