Mr Photon decides to take a break!

Groundbreaking news in the particle universe, Mr Photon has taken his cape de courier off  and has decided to retire! He explains,”…galavanting around the universe is just isn’t the same anymore. In the old days, people were in awe. They respected me. There was a sense of mystery about me. But now, all they want to do is use me. “Mr Photon can you probe some red blood cells for us”, “how about chopping you into femtosecond pulses to understand chemical reactions”. I mean it is degrading. They change my shape, cut my time width. They even entangle me with Mrs Photon, which between you and me, you know its nice sometimes, but she is such a chore. I always have  to act to be the opposite. Just can’t stand her…”

Mr Photon, currently is the key messenger through which we and the particles observe the universe. Questioning him on his sanity, he responded, “Insane! I will ablate you! I ain’t insane. Everyone gets to decay, but have i ever been allowed to decay… noooo! Mr Photon must be everyone’s puppet. Well I’ve had it. Go speak to your beloved neutrinos. Your faster-than-Mr Photon particles. Your shining star! I want out!”. The universe could be thrown into chaos if Mr Photon decides to go through with this midlife crisis.

Mrs Photon commented on this erratic behaviour, “He never listens. Just does what he wants. He thinks himself the Godsend messenger. You can’t just do this to all those poor particles. They end up colliding into each other. How will they know where they are going. He is us such a dark photon! Honestly one day i am just going to annihilate him!”

Mr Photon is infamous for optical illusions. Though his threat 100 years ago of being both a wave and a particle, turned out to be awe-inspiringly true. Will he follow through on this threat of finally giving up on all fools? Will he do it, and how will we observe the physical world after him. Who will be our saviour? The universe eagerly awaits, as this drama will undoubtedly unfold in the coming days. Stay super-bright and stay anti-circularly polarised, with the Photon Blogger!




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