ICL AMSA EVENT: Islam & Terrorism- Your Questions Answered

Upcoming event at Imperial College, London.

Thursday 15th December 2011,

6pm- 8pm.


Lecture Theatre 340, Huxley Building,
Imperial College,
180 Queen’s Gate,
South Kensington,

Yet another year in the Islamic calender draws to a close with increased sectarian violence and continued terrorist attacks. It is only natural for the public to assume that within the religion of Islam there must lie some justification for such horror. Imperial AMSA are thus hosting an event to dispel any such thoughts: ‘Islam & Terrorism- Your Questions Answered’ will take place on Thursday 15th of December in Imperial College, London. The event will include a lecture followed by a Q&A discussion forum. The lecture will elucidate the true teachings of Islam on the subject of terrorism and apostasy, before answering common allegations against the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The speaker will then go on to explain the origins of ‘Islamic’ terrorism, before giving what AMSA feels is the cure to the cancer of extremism.
The lecture theatre has a very high capacity. This event will show the true peaceful Islam, as well as introducing the Promised Messiah (as) so insha’Allah it will be an excellent tabligh event. It is thus vital that as well as attending and supporting the event those who can make it should try and BRING FRIENDS!
Peace be upon you,
Imperial AMSA president


Directions: From South Kensington station either follow the subway signposted to the museums or walk north up Exhibition Road. The main entrance to the College is just past the Science Museum, in a big glass building. To get to the Huxley Building from here go straight through the main entrance and follow the elevated walkway to the far end, whereupon the walkway enters the building on level 3. Go past the stairs to your left to find LT 340, just around the corner from the entrance to the Huxley Building.

Please see the campus map below (Huxley building is designated no. 13.)




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