Entangled Diamonds

A montage showing how two diamonds are entangledQuantum entanglement occurs when two particles interact and can still be be described by the same quantum state after being spatially separated. This has been observed for small particles and at low temperatures.

Ian Walmsley, a physicists at the University of Oxford, and his team managed to overcome these restrictions by producing a quantum entanglement on a large scale object at room temperature. 

The procedure Walmsley used was to entangle synchronized atomic vibrations called phonons in diamond crystals. “There are three crucial conditions that must be met to get entangled phonons in the two diamond crystals. First, a phonon must be excited with just one photon from the laser’s stream of photons. Second, this photon must be sent through a ‘beam splitter’ that directs it into one crystal or the other. If the path isn’t detected, then the photon can be considered to go both ways at once: to be in a superposition of trajectories. The resulting phonon is then in an entangled superposition too. ”

There will probably not be an immediate application of this new technique but just the proof of concept of achieving quantum entanglement at room temperature is a huge step. The possible applications of quantum entanglement are very far reaching especially in the area of cryptography.






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