2012: Scientific Breakthroughs

The following piece was obtained from The Centre for Visionary Leaderers website

2012: Scientific Breakthroughs

by Karl Maret, M.D.

The following is an excerpt from Karl’s chapter in the new book, The Mystery of 2012

What changes can we expect after 2012?

There will be many great breakthroughs in science and technology, medicine and art, culture and religious understanding.  Today’s cutting-edge inventions, including quantum computing, new nanotechnology materials engineering, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering will be greatly expanded.  What is in the horizon includes elemental transmutation, unlimited energy from the quantum vacuum states, silent transportation system based on levitation principles, epigenetic engineering, light and sound healing through energy medicine modalities, and new theories of electrodynamics that collectively presage a massive shift in human creativity in the 21st Century. In the scientific arena, a new understanding of electrodynamics will begin to emerge.  Around 100 years ago, Nicola Tesla, the inventor of modern alternating current technology, described longitudinal waves or Tesla radiations that were markedly different from the 19th Century electromagnetic theories of James Clerk Maxwell, the theoretical physicist who developed the first field theory of modern physics. While Maxwell spoke of transverse electromagnetic waves moving at the speed of light, in contrast, Tesla spoke of scalar or longitudinal waves that work through resonance processes and have great relevance for medicine and healing.   This scalar wave technology is already at work in your cell phones although this is not generally understood in the electrical engineering community.6

Russian and German scientists have also discovered that we live in an ordered, interconnected universe where all matter is organized according to a fractal mathematical order.  This new understanding is called Global Scaling.  These discoveries describe the harmonic structure of logarithmic space, explain the nature of our universal constants, and define the non-linear but fractal, hyperbolic scales that organize the universe.7  Global scaling will revolutionize communication technologies, create more environmentally friendly designs, impact biotechnology and medicine, and impact anti-gravity research.

Light technologies will rapidly advance to revolutionize human health and well-being.  The body communicates at the cellular level through coherent light called biophotons.8   This radiation from living tissues was already discovered by Dr. Gurwitsch in Russia in the 1920s and originally called mitogenic radiation.  Today researchers in many parts of the world are studying the effect of agricultural methods, food processing technologies and water treatment systems on cellular health through biophoton research.

Other scientists have found that modulated coherent light from lasers and lighted crystals have a powerful healing effect on our cells and organs.   The healing modalities of the future will utilize coherent light and modulated light to not only affect cells, tissues and organs, but also to modulate the body’s subtle energetic system – called the human chakra system – and directly influence the healing process.   Low intensity light and magnetic emanations have already been measured from the hands and chakras of natural healers by sensitive photomultiplier tubes and magnetometers.  This will create the scientific basis for a future science of magnetic healing, through the laying-on of hands, and radiatory healing, also called distant healing, by which many people can be healed.

In addition, high energy light will also be harnessed for new ways of energy production from microscopic bubbles created in water by resonant sound technologies.   Harmonic sound interacting with water under certain circumstances is capable of creating intense light similar to that found in nuclear fusion reactions.  This new technology may be capable of becoming a source of unlimited pollution-free energy.   Current scientific research into this phenomenon, called sonoluminescence, is now being actively pursued by laboratories in many countries.9   By using inert gases, such as xenon, krypton, argon, neon and helium, the process can be greatly intensified.

These noble gases are also being used in low pressure tubes for generating “plasma waves” for healing many diseases, including cancer.  These gases, when stimulated by modulated electromagnetic radio frequency waves, have been recognized for their ability to assist in healing imbalances in our bodies and are going to be a part of the new field of energy medicine healing.

In the 21st Century, environmental conditions will increasingly be recognized for their capacity to affect genetic expression, through the science of epigenomics.  Scientists now know that the human genome is essentially controlled by special regulatory proteins that turn genes on and off according to many environmental influences.  Much of the non-coding DNA, currently called junk-DNA, will also be utilized to modulate genetic expression.  New electromagnetic modalities, including modulated laser light, will rapidly induce healing of genetic imbalances by affecting the transfer of genetic information.  This has already been demonstrated by Russian scientists.

Ultimately, it will be recognized that not only physical factors, but also human thinking and emotions can affect genetic expression and affect disease manifestation.10   As society recognizes that thoughts and emotions are powerful modulators of our biological codes, new educational systems will arise to teach people how to control their emotions and thoughts through self-regulation biofeedback.  This will rapidly advance the current field of Mind-Body medicine and lead to a new collective awareness of the effect that our feelings and belief systems have on our health.  The current science of psychoneuroimmunology is already laying the scientific basis for this new medical approach.

Scientists have recently discovered that we are uniquely different by having multiple copies of the various genes and not just differences in the base pair sequences that make up the human genome or “book of life.”   Until now it was assumed that the human genome is largely the same for everyone, except for a few spelling differences in some of the genetic words.  Instead, the latest findings suggest that the book of life contains entire sentences, paragraphs or even whole pages that are repeated any number of times.   This new findings mean that instead of humanity being 99.9 % identical, as previously believed, we are at least 10 times more different from one another than once thought.  This could explain why some people are prone to serious diseases.

As we move away from the current mechanistic approach to genetics to understand that the genome is much more fluid in nature, capable of being greatly influenced by many environmental factors, personal nutrition, and even emotional states and mental beliefs, there will be greater personal responsibility for our life-long health creation and maintenance.   It may also help to explain new processes that could be involved in spontaneous healings as well as how spiritual practices may positively affect our health.

Changes will also come by 2012 to our understanding of harnessing energy from the universe.  Scientists have already demonstrated that 96% of the universe is made up of an unknown dark energy (73%) and a mysterious dark matter (23%).  This leaves only 4% of the known universe capable of being directly probed by our current scientific instruments.  According to astrophysicists, we all live immersed in a virtually-infinite supply of limitless energy called the quantum vacuum state (or zero-point energy domain).  The matter-energy density has been calculated to be as high as 1094 grams per each cubic centimeter of space.11   When humanity learns to access this virtual particle flux present in the vacuum, humanity will never go back to inefficient fossil fuels, radio-active nuclear energy, or other polluting technologies that contribute to global warming.  Wars fought for control of these polluting hydrocarbon resources will become relics the past heralding a new era in human evolution.

New forms of atomic lattice nanotechnology engineering will utilize scientific principles such as the Casimir Effect to allow humanity to create novel materials that can create a resonance energy transfer out of this sea of unlimited energy surrounding us.  Other discoveries leading to the creation of a hydrogen energy economy are now being made.  Researchers have discovered previously unrecognized electron low energy states within the hydrogen atom called “hydrinos.”  The energy released from this process is hundreds of times in excess of the energy required to start it since it draws energy out of the sea of vacuum plentitude around us.  The primary fuel is hydrogen gas, which can be created inexpensively via electrolysis from water. This work is based on a new theory called Classical Quantum Mechanics developed by Dr. Randell Mills – an apparent unified field theory which unites quantum physics with Maxwellian electrodynamics and Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity.  This technology promises to create a source of clean, cheap energy from the untapped energy states within the hydrogen atom derived from water.12

By using these forms of energy production and conversion, the forces of levitation will become harnessed.  New transportation systems that literally float through the air will be discovered.  These transportation systems will be quiet and clean using the anti-gravitational forces inherent in the new theories of expanded electrodynamics.  Science will discover a new form of magnetoelectrism13 in contrast to the present one-sided electromagnetic phenomena.  Free energy from over-unity magnetic motors, having already been discovered by inventors on several continents, will also be part of this 21st century technology.

The limitations of the human mind will be overcome and unbounded creativity promises to become humanity’s destiny.  According to Huston Smith, each brain is already capable of a greater number of associations than the number of atoms in the universe.  Moreover, there is strong evidence that the holographic universe acts as an interconnected mind to which each human being can have direct access.  Humanity is already capable of remote viewing, telepathy, and clairvoyant vision.   The reality of humanity’s interconnected thought field has already been rigorously demonstrated by psychophysiological researchers and found to be based on quantum physical principles called entanglement.14 

New capabilities of clairvoyant sight will become more commonplace in future generations of children.  Some signs that this is developing can already be seen in the demonstrated abilities of some unusual children that have been given names such as Indigo, Dolphin, or Crystal children.  These children are demonstrating advanced mental and emotional capabilities that will become commonplace within all of humanity.   There will also be breakthroughs in interspecies communication technology allowing humans to have dialogues with intelligent creatures such as whales and dolphins which will aid humanity in becoming better environmental stewards of the planet.

By 2012, human consciousness research will also be expanded to include scientific investigations into the instrumental transcommunication process with deceased persons.   Foundational work by many investigators on several continents, using computers, tape players, video recorders and radios, has already led to the recording of voices and images from known persons who have passed over. These developments will lead to greater acceptance of the laws of reincarnation that are already part of many world religions.  These principles are also not new in the West, for it is a historical fact that the concept of reincarnation existed within Christianity until its condemnation at the Fifth Ecumenical Council held in Constantinople in 553 AD.   The recognition that human beings reincarnate repeatedly will powerfully impact humanity’s modes of behavior and lead to greater awareness of the impact that our thoughts, emotions and deeds have on our future lives.

There will also be a widespread recognition that spiritual intelligences of many qualities have always present in our midst. These non-physical beings, whether we call them devas, angels, celestial intelligences or extraplanetary influences, will establish more direct contact with many sensitives.  There is a long history of unusual experiences and illuminating contacts in every human culture.   The unusual appearance of unexplainable large plants and vegetables grown in the Findhorn gardens in Scotland in the 1970s is one example of an experiment in human-angelic cooperation.15  These celestial intelligences are glad to assist humanity during this time of global transition into a new era.  This will ultimately lead to a universal spirituality; one not tied to any specific religious tradition, but rather becoming a synthesis of the highest intentions and ideals within all the world’s religions.

One of the greatest hindrances to human advancement at this time is the lack of willingness to change the centralized economic power structures and financial controls that are now vested with relatively few, and disproportionately powerful, organizations and corporations.  New models of economies of sharing and mutual empowerment will need to arise.  This has already begun with certain forward-looking, globally-oriented business practices.  Starting in 2012, there will be greater international affirmation that humanity has become increasingly globally-interdependent.  What is now needed is the creation of new economic measures and cooperative governance processes that support the healthy development of global exchange and sharing.   Ultimately, the principles of love, sharing and mutual goodwill must begin to govern human relationships, whether personal, national, or international.

Beginning in 2012, humanity will systematically learn to leave the “matrix of scarcity” that has kept humanity enslaved in poverty, due to lack of sharing and erroneous financial beliefs including a debt based monetary system.   One of the triggers to a shift in economic consciousness may be the widespread recognition by many U.S. citizens that the United States has incurred the largest global debt of any country on the planet.  Due to the size of this debt, amounting to nearly 70 trillion dollars and equivalent to five times the country’s current Gross National Product, some economists have suggested that the U.S. could be bankrupt.16   The U.S. economy is being increasingly sustained by the savings from around the world.  At present, these international monies already amount to one-third of annual U.S. domestic investment.  As all world economies become increasingly interdependent, a global financial reorientation will undoubtedly take place.  Many new breakthroughs in economic and in scientific research, will increasingly come from countries that are now only in their ascendancy.

Our collective future is full of challenges and promises that will require local, national and global awareness and action.  Humanity is now at a point of decision as to what future it seeks to create.  May the year 2012 be seen as an important nexus in time that stands as a doorway to global peaceful cooperation and sharing on this interconnected and increasingly interdependent planet.

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About the Author:

Karl Maret, M.D., M.Eng. is President of the Dove Health Alliance, a non-profit foundation based in Aptos, California, that is connected with an international network of physicians and scientists focused on energy medicine and other subtle energyapproaches to healing. He specializes in complementary medical modalities, functional medicine and energy medicine.  As partner in an educational company called Heart-Mind Communications he teaches seminars and is co-authoring a book entitled Awakening the Dialogue of the Heart to be published shortly. www.heartmindcommunications.com    Email: karl@heartmindcommunications.com



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