Awards Galore 2011

As many around the world, will have been following the announcements of the various Nobel Prizes for 2011 (more on this tomorrow), few might be aware of another set of medals/awards being given out this week by the Institute of Physics (IoP). A total of 17 awards!

I have chosen some here for your perusal. Please feel free to click the below link to visit the official website.

IoP Award Winners 2011

Isaac Newton Medal of the Institute of Physics
Professor Leo P. Kadanoff, University of Chicago
For inventing conceptual tools that reveal the deep implications of scale invariance on the behavior of phase transitions and dynamical systems.

Business and Innovation Medal of the Institute of Physics
Dr Graham John Batey, Oxford Instruments NanoScience
For sustained outstanding contribution to the application of low temperature physics in an industrial high technology environment.

Dirac Medal of the Institute of Physics
Professor Christopher Isham, Imperial College London
For his major contributions to the search for a consistent quantum theory of gravity and to the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Faraday Medal of the Institute of Physics
Professor Alan Andrew Watson, University of Leeds
For his outstanding leadership within the Pierre Auger Observatory, and the insights he has provided to the origin and nature of ultra high energy cosmic rays.

Chadwick Medal and Prize
Professor Terry Wyatt, University of Manchester
For his outstanding contributions to Hadron Collider Physics.

Tabor Medal and Prize
Professor Andrew Turberfield, University of Oxford
For his seminal contributions to nano-science, in particular, for pioneering the technique of holographic lithography and DNA self-assembly.

Young Medal and Prize
Professor Ian A Walmsley, University of Oxford
For his innovative contributions to optical physics and technology, in particular in the areas of quantum control, quantum optics and ultra-fast metrology.

Paterson Medal and Prize
Dr Jochen Guck, University of Cambridge
For his invention of the optical stretcher, together with other novel physical probes to elucidate cellular mechanical and optical properties, their role in biological function and their potential in medical diagnostics.

Bragg Medal and Prize
Professor Philip Harland Scott, University of Leeds
For his influential research in physics education which has had a significant impact on teachers and the teaching of physics in secondary schools.

Kelvin Medal and Prize
Professor Jim Al-Khalili, University of Surrey
For his outstanding work in communicating physics to public audiences face-to-face at numerous public events and through his work as a writer and broadcaster.

Please note the above are excerpts from the IoP Awards website.



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