The Battle of Ideas 2011

“The Battle of Ideas is a global treasure. Bringing together some of the world’s leading thinkers for civil dialogue on an array of topics, the festival is a must-see for those deeply committed to the free exchange of ideas.”
Fredrick C. Harris, professor of political science, Columbia University*

On the 29th and 30th of October, the last weekend of the month, will see a congregation of people from all walks of life debating for society and the unanswered questions. The festival weekend will mark the end to a month of debates on key topics concerning society in general taking place throughout the UK. The festival is not scientific in nature, but questions raised that are important to all, including education, psychology, philosophy and politics to name a few. To have a closer view of the mouth-watering topics and their respective schedules, please click here, alternatively, to visit the main webpage click here.

Unfortunately, there might be some costs involved with the tickets to the satellite events costing £5 – £7.50 in general and the cost of the weekend festival is as follows:

Standard Concession
General £90 £55
IoI Associates £55 £45
Buy IoI membership + Battle of Ideas ticket £125 £85
Institutional ticket** £175
Secondary school student ticket £20
Student Champion £27.50

For the cost of attendance to individual days please visit the tickets webpage.

*from the Battle of Ideas main website.

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